Thursday, June 10, 2021
Milo's Aussie tour is met with violence protests from feminists

Milo’s Aussie tour is met with violent protests from feminists

On his Australian tour, Milo's first show kicked off in Adelaide, where he was met with feminist protesters. Things only turned worse when he arrived...

Feminists get “sexist” KFC ad banned

Feminists managed to get this KFC ad banned only 1 hour after it was released.  

White Ribbon Australia attacks Erin Pizzey

As some of you probably remember, A Voice For Men started the site in December 2014. Unlike the Australian White Ribbon, this site also helps male...

Female pedestrian crossing lights to be installed throughout Victoria

In the feminist state of Victoria, a feminist group has announced that they will replace half of all pedestrian crossing lights throughout Victoria with...

Clementine Ford bullies disabled man

Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower, feminist Clementine Ford has bullied a mentally disabled man on Facebook. Clementine Ford shared this post on...
Steve Price vs Van Badham

Steve Price vs Van Badham

Steve Price defends comments he made on Q&A in a live video interview with the panel on The Project Recently, media personality, Steve Price featured on...

ABC brainwashes children with feminist propaganda

The ABC have been brainwashing children with anti-male feminist propaganda. On their TV channel "ABC Me" they showed a video called "privilege" as shown...
male victims

NSW to spend $13 mill on male victims of domestic violence

Finally some good news! The NSW government has just announced it will spend $13 million over 4 years to help male victims of domestic...

ABC Show ‘Man Up’ Challenges Male Stereotypes

'MAN UP' ABC @8:30pm Australian media is currently rife with male stereotypes and stoic views on how men should behave. The issue of male mental...
usc the red pill

Feminists protest The Red Pill screening at University of Sydney

Feminists have protested outside The Red Pill movie screening at the University of Sydney (USU). It is believed that police have arrested one person...