Saturday, January 29, 2022
Clementine Ford Unfuckable

Milo Yiannopoulos arrives in Australia, destroys Clementine Ford

Milo Yiannopoulos has arrived in Australia for his tour across the country. His first show kicked off in Adelaide, where he destroyed feminist Clementine...

Vegan cafe in Melbourne gives women priority seating and charges men 18% ‘man tax’

A vegan cafe in Melbourne (Brunswick) has put a sign out the front of their cafe stating that women are given priority seating and...
double standards at the olympics

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

Feminists have expressed their disgust over the uniforms women are made to wear for beach volleyball at this years Olympics in Rio. The women's beach volleyball...

White Ribbon Australia attacks Erin Pizzey

As some of you probably remember, A Voice For Men started the site in December 2014. Unlike the Australian White Ribbon, this site also helps male...

Clementine Ford forced to apologise to Ben Fordham for defamation

Clementine Ford has finally been caught out in a case of defamation. She was forced to apologise to Ben Fordham after falsely accusing him...
male victims

NSW to spend $13 mill on male victims of domestic violence

Finally some good news! The NSW government has just announced it will spend $13 million over 4 years to help male victims of domestic...

Female only car parks now in Perth

I can't believe this... Feminists want equality yet at the same time want special treatment. Yet another example that feminism is only about female...
clementine ford father one nation

Clementine Ford’s father is a member of One Nation Party

Breaking news! We've just had word that Clementine Ford's father is a member of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. This simply does not compute. Did...

Victorian Government to brainwash students on male privilege

The Victorian government will introduce a mandatory feminist program to teach brainwash students about "male privilege". They will be teaching boys that masculinity is...
Steve Price vs Van Badham

Steve Price vs Van Badham

Steve Price defends comments he made on Q&A in a live video interview with the panel on The Project Recently, media personality, Steve Price featured on...