Thursday, February 29, 2024

Clementine Ford bullies disabled man

Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower, feminist Clementine Ford has bullied a mentally disabled man on Facebook. Clementine Ford shared this post on...
double standards at the olympics

Sexist double standards at the Olympics

Feminists have expressed their disgust over the uniforms women are made to wear for beach volleyball at this years Olympics in Rio. The women's beach volleyball...
male victims

NSW to spend $13 mill on male victims of domestic violence

Finally some good news! The NSW government has just announced it will spend $13 million over 4 years to help male victims of domestic...

Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer

Another day, another great anti-feminist article published in the dailytelegraph. Yesterday we saw an article by Mark Latham "Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the...

Milo exposes ‘damaged girl’ Clementine Ford

Today is the moment many of us have been waiting for - Milo has exposed Clementine Ford as being a "damaged girl" and a "professional provocateur"...

Mark Latham: Hateful Clementine Ford for Australian of the year

Anti-Feminist Mark Latham does it again! This time with a satirical article of why you should vote for Clemetine Ford to be the next...
Feminists angry Facebook won't remove blokes advice page

Feminists angry Facebook won’t remove blokes advice group

Facebook have stated they will not be removing the secret group Blokes Advice. This is despite feminist group "The Red Heart Campaign" starting a petition with...
Feminists shut down blokes advice group

Blokes Advice owner ‘sickened’ by harassment

The secret Facebook group page containing nearly 200,000 men have been the centre of a continued smear campaign. Blokes advice member and leader Ian sims...
Feminist media strikes again

Feminist media strikes again

Another day, another biased article from our leftist feminist media  Today they did a story on the blokes advice Facebook group and we got a mention. This came...
Van Badham

Van Badham – The next Clementine Ford?

We have been hearing more of misandrist Van Badham in the media lately. For those who haven't heard, Van is a classic feminist who likes to play...